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Yale Police - Chief's Messages - Message Detail
To: All Faculty, Staff and Students
From: Chief Ronnell A. Higgins
Summary: Message from Chief Ronnell Higgins
Date: 02-APR-2013 11:46:00 PMMessage ID: 90940


To the Yale Community:  

I have received information this evening that the New Haven Police are investigating a sexual assault that occurred yesterday morning in the area of Columbus Avenue and Salem Street at approximately 4:40 AM (Click here to view the incident's location). The victim, who is not a member of the Yale community, was walking on Columbus Avenue near Salem Street when she was approached by a male who grabbed her from behind, claimed to have a knife and sexually assaulted her. The New Haven Police are investigating, but they have not made an arrest yet. 

The perpetrator is described as a Hispanic male in his late thirties. He stands about 5'06" tall and has a slim build. He has black hair in a crew cut and is clean shaven. At the time of the assault he was wearing denim blue jeans, a grey hooded sweatshirt over a white striped t-shirt and Timberland boots.

While this assault did not occur on the Yale campus, I would urge that you remain vigilant, and call the Yale Police if you have any information about this incident or should observe any suspicious activity.  Call the Yale Police at 203-432-4400 or text your anonymous tip to 67283; begin the stream with yaletip.  

As always, if you are a victim or aware of a sexual assault, we will investigate and will also provide referrals to other resources, such as the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education Center (the SHARE Center), the Title IX Coordinator, the University-Wide Committee, Yale University Health Services, and victims’ advocacy services. As a reminder, the SHARE Center provides information, advocacy, and support for those dealing with rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, or intimate partner violence.  Yale’s SHARE Center can be reached by calling 203-432-2000.  Their website, http://sharecenter.yale.edu, offers a range of information, including strategies for building a safer community.

As a general reminder, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times, and to walk or jog with others when possible, in well-populated and well-lit areas. Avoid displaying valuables, including cash and portable electronic devices. It is also a good idea to note the location of emergency Blue Phones along your route. Make use of security services, including shuttle services and door-to-door rides at night, by calling 203-432-9255.  


Ronnell A. Higgins, Chief of Police 




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